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See below our most frequently asked questions, whether it's a question in regards to training courses or services... find the answer you're looking for here.

  • What does it mean to be accredited?
    Being accredited means Lytham Lash Company is a recognised department of education in its area of expertise, allowing Anni, the educator to provide students with the relevant qualifications to become insured.
  • Am I fully qualified after completing a course?
    Once you have completed a course with us, you will be required to complete 3-5 case studies to demonstrate your understanding of the course and gain some extra practice. Once these have been completed you will receive some in-depth feedback to take on board along with your fully accredited certificate to begin your new career.
  • Do I have to start with the Classic course?
    If you're looking to become a lash extension artist, the first course to take is our Classic Lash Beginners. On this course, you learn the basic application techniques; how to attach an extension to a natural lash safely, along with all the knowledge required to apply extensions. Your next step is our Russian Volume Advanced course. On this course, the advanced techniques of russian volume along with the extended theory of this technique. You need the basic knowledge of how to apply the extensions before taking this course. Our Lash Lift course can be taken at any time, with no previous experience required.
  • How long do extensions last?
    Eyelash Extensions are attached to each of your natural lashes which are on a constant growth cycle. You naturally shed 3-5 natural lashes a day, of which the extensions will shed with. Infills are recommend every 2-3 weeks.
  • What are infills and when do I need them?
    At your infill appointment, we replace all lashes that have shed and remove all extensions that have grown down the natural lash as a result of the natural growth cycle, and replace these with fresh extensions back toward the root of your lash.
  • How long does a lash lift last?
    Lash Lift results last 6-8 weeks.
  • Can I wear make up with extensions?
    You can wear make up with extensions, however, the oils in the make up will affect the retention. Oils break down the bonds in the extension adhesive, causing the extensions to shed prematurely. Mascara cannot be worn with extensions, this causes the extensions to clump together and can cause irritation.
  • What's the difference between Classic, Hybrid & Russian?
    We offer 3 different types of extensions. Classic - This is where we attach only 1 extension to each natural lash. Classics add length and curl to create a natural look. This type can only be as full as your natural lashes are. Hybrid - A 50% combination of Classic & Russian Volume fans. Moderate fullness with a more textured look. Russian Volume - Our most voluminous extensions. Applied with a more advanced technique where lightweight fans of 3-6 extensions are attached per lash to create fuller coverage. All types of extensions can be tailored to you and your preference in terms of the length & curl.
  • Do I need a patch test?
    Yes, a patch test is required for all treatments at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Do I need Reshape & Design or a Wax & Tint?
    If a period of 12 weeks or more has surpassed since your last brow treatment, a reshape and design will be required to rediscover your natural shape.
  • What is Brow Lamination?
    During the brow lamination treatment, a solution is applied to relax your brow hairs, allowing us to manipulate the placement of your brow hairs to create your preferred shape and a fuller look. Your brow hairs are then set in place, creating a semi-permanent ‘brow gel’ effect. Wax and Tint included.
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